How To Change ICloud Password

How to change iCloud password

How to Change iCloud Password?

Changing your iCloud password is the best way to protect your account from any kind of harm. Apple always recommended to their users to change their iCloud account password once in a month or while. iCloud provide you the best in class ways to change your password in a very simple manner. You can change your iCloud password on various iOS devices and Windows computer. The method of password changing is very simple and after reading this article it will be too easy to follow.

Apply the steps to change the iCloud password on iPhone:

· First of all, unlock your iPhone and then tap on Settings.
· After that, tap on your name that is present on the top side.
· Now tap on Password & Security.
· Tap on Change Password and then enter your current password into the required field.
· Enter a new password for your iCloud account and then also re-enter the same password to confirm.
· Tap on Change Password tab.

Change iCloud password through Apple ID website:

· First of all, go to the official Apple website and then sign in to your account.
· Click on Password and Security section that is available at the left side of the screen.
· Now verify your identity by answer security questions and then click on Change Password.
· Enter your current password and then enter a new password for your iCloud account.

With the help of above-given methods, iCloud Account Recovery can be done without any difficulty. For any other assistance, contact to iCloud support team which is always available to assist you.


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