How to reset Fastmail account password

How To Reset Fastmail Account Password

How to reset Fastmail account password

Fastmail – it is an email service which offers paid account which can be used by the individuals as well by the organizations. One can use the services in 36 languages and they provide the services worldwide. The Fastmail email provides the services which helps everyone to stay connected by the medium of exchanging of messages. However, to make it more secure it is password protected as well. In today’s time, it becomes very difficult to remember all the password so the email service provider gives an option to reset the password.

How to reset your Fastmail account password

In order to recover the password one can take the following steps :

· Initially one should know, in order to recover the password one has to make use of the Fastmail Account Recovery Tool

· Once the individual is on the next page they will be required to enter the Username and click on I’m not a robot

· Hit on Start Recovery option and it will take one to the next page where the individual will be asked to enter the last password one remember and then one will be asked to verify the identity as the rightful owner of the account

· Now one will be asked to select if one wants to do recovery by phone or recovery by email

· The individual will be required to enter the verification code in the field 'Enter the code we sent you' and hit on verify option

· Once it is done successfully one will be required to reset the new password and or the same one has to follow the onscreen instructions as by taking the steps mentioned above, one will be able to get Fastmail Password Recovery done.


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